Monday, September 17, 2007

Single Mom Not "Out-of-the-Closet" and Ready to Date

Being single for the first time in 15 years, I wonder what it's like to date again. How do you get started? What about online dating? I know a few who have tried it and not totally slammed the concept.

I first looked at at out of curiosity and wondered why some guys use really strange handles like highestluv, out-of-the-fog, or five_elements. Not to mention some with names like "carpediem man." Why would I date a guy who is telling me he's now out of the fog. Am I suppose to assume enlightenment? And highestluv? A flaky name. Am I dating God? Maybe he wouldn't like me either. Five_elements of what? Does this guy like Shirley McLean? Is he into New Age medicine and yoga? And, if I see a name like carpediem, I'm thinking the guy's a one-night stand. The handles some guys use are right out of 40's mid-life crisis.

If you log onto, you get asked tons of religious or spirituality questions. I don't mind some of the questions, but if I am suffering through them wondering who I could meet at the end, what are others thinking of as they struggle? Can I really answer grid-upon-grid of questions with any accuracy? I felt like I was making up answers to get out of a chore. I hope eHarmony makes dating easier than the screening. Maybe that's the test. If you are patient enough to go through a hundred questions, you're patient enough for a long-term romance.

After looking at the online stuff, I just gave up the idea of dating for awhile. With two little kids, I am not sure how I would even start. Maybe using a catalog of guys from a foreign country who will stay home and take care of the kids while I work?

Oh well, maybe dating is not such a scary idea. I just feel like I'm "in-the-closet" and not ready to come out yet.

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